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A spacious bachelor? Myth or fact?

Is the phrase “spacious bachelor” an oxymoron? Not necessarily. While bachelor apartments are known for being compact, if you’re strategic about furniture placement and smart with storage, you can definitely save some space.

Bachelor apartments traditionally only have two rooms – the first being the bedroom/living room/kitchen and the second being the bathroom. The kitchen area is often small and is sometimes more of a kitchenette. Living in a place like this requires a lot of thought and discipline, as it can very quickly become a cluttered mess. Having a small apartment doesn’t have to feel small – you just have to optimize your use of space.

Mirrors save everything

Mirrors are the ultimate optical illusion for making a room look bigger than it truly is. Hang a large mirror on the wall near a window, facing a focal point in the room to give the appearance of depth. Mirrors also reflect light, so placing it near the window will maximize the amount of natural light in the room. You will also want to add some artificial light using lamps for evening.

Elegant room interior with large mirror

Open concept

While your instincts may tell you to divide the room to create privacy, that can actually make it look more cluttered and small. Instead, use folding screens to divide the space when you need it, but keep it open most of the time.

Create a space that flows well. You don’t want to add too many obstacles or tripping hazards! You should be able to move from the living/sleeping space to the kitchen seamlessly.

Bright nook with desk in living room

Multi-functional furnishings

Instead of both a couch and a bed, have a convertible sofa bed. You can also get murphy beds that have cupboards on the underside so when it’s folded against the wall you have storage.

If you choose to have a traditional bed and a couch/loveseat separate, get a bed with drawers underneath (Captain’s bed) to eliminate the need for a dresser.

You can also get nesting tables, storage ottomans and coffee tables with storage to ensure you’re using all your space wisely.

Modern peaceful Bedroom

In the kitchen, if you have the counterspace, add bar stools and you won’t need to add a table and chairs, nor will you have to eat all your meals on the couch or your bed.


The best way to make your small apartment look bigger is to declutter and adopt a minimalistic approach to décor. Less is more when it comes to living in a bachelor apartment. Keep as much off of the floor as possible and utilize all available storage!

Unlike a one-bedroom apartment, where you can hide your mess behind closed doors, everything is out in the open in a bachelor. Do you best to maintain order if you plan to entertain guests ever?

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