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Affordable Décor For Your Student Apartment

For many, a student apartment is the first place they live away from home. And while its purpose is to provide you with reasonable housing close to campus, it’s also a big step in the lives of young people.

Your student years often act as a bridge to adulthood, and many people want to reflect that with their home décor. So, how do you get somewhat grownup style on a student rental budget? Here are some ideas…

Dollar store finds

Dollar stores aren’t what they used to be. There are a lot of really great things hidden among the junk on the shelves. In terms of affordable décor, there are glass vases, picture frames, candles and even some half-decent wall art available. You can definitely work in these cheaper pieces with some stuff you already have. It doesn’t have to look expensive – just nice and put together.

Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you have to hang posters with sticky tack – you can be a bit more sophisticated if you wish!

DIY and upcycle

If you have a creative side, definitely tap into it to create some one-of-a-kind pieces for your student rental! There are plenty of online tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest to show you how to DIY some great home décor pieces using affordable (or free) materials.

Upcycling is another great way to decorate. Take that slightly dated or ugly piece your mom gave you and update it as an arts and crafts project. This could mean making new shams for your old throw pillows or sewing your own curtains with vintage fabric.

Sewing machine


What’s old is new again, right? Add some cool vintage finds to your apartment to pull the room together. This could be a cool lampshade, some funky figurines, vintage mirrors, clocks, side tables, and chairs.

Check out second-hand shops, antique stores, garage sales, your grandparent’s house, and your parent’s basement to find free and affordable home décor!

Some of the pieces might need some refinishing, but that can be a fun project to do – something to be proud of in your student apartment in Toronto.

If you’re looking for off-campus housing, use to get started! Check out the student rentals section to find your perfect home away from home! Create fond memories during this oh-so-important phase of your life!