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Common problems in student housing

For many young people attending college or university, their student apartment or house is the first place they live away from their parents. It provides a taste of freedom and is conveniently located near their school. But with freedom comes responsibility, and students aren’t always prepared for the issues they will encounter in student rentals.

Here are some common problems in student housing (and possible solutions):


Probably the number 1 issue renters encounter in student accommodations is noise. This newfound freedom causes some students to forget their reason for moving in the first place — to gain an education. This might not be a problem for those seeking a party atmosphere, but it can be extremely disruptive for serious students who want to study in peace.

If you’re the quiet, studious type and you know that about yourself, you need to do two things before committing to a student apartment or house. One, you either need to live alone (if you can afford the rent on your own) or agree to move in with likeminded roommates. Two, you need to research the neighbourhoods and buildings. Maybe there is graduate student housing that will allow undergrads to move in. Housing geared towards grad students tends to be quieter and caters to more mature residents.

Angry Woman Suffering Neighbour Noise

Roommate squabbles

For many students, this is not only the first time they’re living away from their families but also the first time living with others. Families have their ups and downs, but they generally know how to live together, since they know each other’s habits and routines.

Living with roommates can be challenging — especially if everyone is in different programs with different schedules. Some people have Fridays off, while others might have 8 a.m. classes.

Common roommate squabbles are about cleaning, noise, guests and friendships and relationships. Try to keep the peace by having regular “roommate meetings” to discuss issues in an open and honest forum. Try not to be passive-aggressive or bottle up your feelings, or else it could all come out during a period of extreme stress (i.e., exam time). Create a chore schedule, and have a whiteboard so that you can leave each other notes while you’re in class.

Upset Woman Showing Dirty Dishes

Repairs and maintenance

When renting an apartment, there are minor repairs that you should do yourself and things your landlord should be responsible for. It’s a good idea to have a set of basic tools for fixing small things — such as loose door handles and sticky windows.

For more serious issues, such as plumbing or electrical, you need to contact your super or maintenance person. Know your rights as a tenant, and make sure the property manager and landlord are doing their part.

That said, try not to call them about every little issue. It can be scary for students to take on new responsibilities, like caring for an apartment or rental house, but it’s character-building! You can always try to learn these skills before moving out on your own. Learn how to shut off the water in the event of a flood, how to plunge a toilet, or how to reset a smoke detector.

Young Handyman Repair Door Lock

If you’re looking for a student housing, find your perfect apartment or house near your school on . Landlords will list the on-site amenities available so that you will know what the place comes with. It’s a good time to start thinking about where you’re going to live next year! Good luck!