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Couple’s therapy: How to cohabitate with your significant other

Are you and your partner planning on moving in together soon? If your first home together is a rental apartment, it can be challenging to live in such tight quarters. But with a little bit of patience, understanding and communication, you’ll be able to live in coupled bliss!

moving in together

Have dedicated spaces

If it’s within your budget, get a 2-bedroom rental apartment, so that you can turn the second bedroom into an office or spare room. It can be nice for each person to be able to have some alone time, even when you’re both home. If you feel like you’re getting on each other’s nerves, it can help to retreat to different rooms in the apartment for some breathing room. The second bedroom could be a reading nook, a gaming room, or simply a second bedroom where you can take a nap.

If you can afford only a 1 bedroom, try to section off some spaces within the living quarters using privacy screens or strategically placed furniture.

Wanting space and alone time doesn’t mean you don’t love each other; it means you’re human. Keep the peace by giving each other space when needed. You can regroup once you’ve recharged your batteries.

Schedule date nights

Some couples, after moving in together, fall into the habit of staying in most nights, hanging out on the couch watching TV. This isn’t a bad thing — it’s a sign that you’re comfortable with each other. However, don’t let the flame burn out entirely! Try to schedule regular date nights when you actually go out. It could be to a movie, out for dinner, or even just coffee.

It’s nice to get out of the apartment together for a change of scenery!

Share the chores

One of the biggest conflicts couples have when they move in together is over who should do the household chores. Relationships require compromise. Try to come to an agreement over who’s responsible for what, and try your best to follow through. You don’t want to waste precious time bickering over cooking and cleaning.

Come up with a system that works for both of you. Living with someone can be fun, but there are also plenty of adult responsibilities you have to share.

Go out separately

In addition to going out together on date nights, you should each go out separately. Friends are important, so try to meet up with them sometimes without your significant other in tow. Don’t feel guilty about this! It’s healthy to have your own hobbies and friends.

You’ll appreciate each other more when you come home after some much-needed friend time.

Talk about your feelings (even if it’s hard)

Yes, it sounds cheesy, but you need to communicate your feelings. When two people live together and bottle up their emotions, that’s a recipe for an explosive argument. When you share a small space, it’s important to let go of the small things and to talk about the important things. Don’t let the tension build.

Sometimes it’s best to just talk through conflicts, try to resolve them and move on. This way you can go back to enjoying your shared life.

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