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Find a Pet-Friendly Apartment in Toronto

When it comes to rental apartments in Toronto, just because one allows pets doesn’t mean it’s suitable for pets. With housing hard to come by in the big city, many available pet-friendly rentals are too small. What might be okay for a cat, a small dog or a goldfish will not necessarily work for a golden retriever.

Living in Toronto shouldn’t mean having to give up your pet. It’s important to find a dwelling that works for your lifestyle – and your pet is certainly included in that.

Green space

Not only should you look for a pet-friendly apartment, but you need to look for other things, too – such as a yard or green space. Is there a nearby park or walking trail? If you have a larger, more muscular breed, you will need to be able to either let your dog out to run or take it on regular walks.

Young woman walking with Beagle dog

Shops and services

Many Torontonians opt to go car-free – so when you have a pet, you should look for rental apartments near a veterinary clinic and a pet food and supply store. At the very least, you want to be a short cab ride away from either of those things.

Some Toronto neighbourhoods are very dog-friendly, allowing you to bring your pet into cafés, stores and even some banks. This means that when you’re out and about walking the dog, you can get some errands done at the same time.

Rental houses with yards

In some of Toronto’s more residential neighbourhoods, you can find either entire homes for rent or basement or upstairs apartments with yard access. Be sure to ask the landlord prior to signing the lease if you can use the yard and if your dog is permitted there.

There might be some stipulations, such as you clean up after it and never leave it outside unsupervised. If the landlord or other tenants share the use of the yard, you need to be respectful of that.

Cute Labrador Retriever dogs


Even the tiniest of pets takes up space. If you have a cat, consider where you will put the litter box, water and food dishes. Pets also often need beds. While it is possible to squeeze into a small space, a bachelor apartment might not be the best place to rent if you have pets.

Moving boxes in new apartment

Be wary of condos

If you’re looking for apartments condo for rent by owner, make sure you confirm that it’s pet-friendly. Unlike rental apartments, condos are regulated by their self-appointed board. The board sets the rules. This means they can ban all pets, or specific sizes of pets. Always read your rental agreement before signing.

There’s more to pet-friendly rental apartments than you think. Start searching today to find the perfect rental in Toronto for you and your furry roommate. Use to get started.