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Free your mind: Build a pop-up meditation space in your apartment

So you’d like to have a room dedicated to meditation and quiet reflection but your apartment has limited space. No worries, my friend. We have a solution for you.

Create a pop-up “meditation room” within an existing room. Here are some must-have items to create a temporary meditation space.

Privacy screen

For starters, you want to be able to section off the space so that you have some privacy from roommates or your partner. Meditation is a very personal practice, and it’s not always something people feel comfortable doing around prying eyes.

Privacy screens are great because they can be folded up and moved. They can also be incorporated into your home decor, so it will seem intentional and not out of place.

meditation room

Floor pillows

Purchase an assortment of large decorative pillows. People meditate in all sorts of positions — from cross-legged on the floor to sitting upright in a chair. Pillows can provide comfort and add ambiance to the space. When your meditation space is not set up, you can easily use the pillows on your couch, or throw them in a basket in the corner.


To promote relaxation and create a calm and soothing atmosphere, light some candles. The candles can provide light if you prefer to meditate with the lights off. If you light scented candles, they can provide some aromatherapy.

The great thing about candles is they can go on various tables, shelves, and drawers in your apartment when you’re not using them as part of your meditation nook.

Essential oils

You can incorporate essential oils into your meditation practice by diffusing them or applying them to your skin with a carrier oil. Essential oils tend to come in small glass bottles, which can be stored in drawers or boxes when not in use.

Calming playlist

If you really want to mask outside noise, create or use a meditation playlist. Nature sounds, such as crashing waves, birds or rolling thunder work well. Avoid music with lyrics, as you don’t want those words to infiltrate your mind while you work to push thoughts out of your head.

Having a white noise playlist can help you forget that you’re in your apartment, allowing you to just be present in the moment, without distractions.

If you’re looking for a new place to meditate in, visit to search for available rental apartments in your area!