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How to pick a moving company

If you need to move from one rental apartment to another but don’t have enough friends and family members to help, you might need to hire a moving company. Not all moving services are created equal, so it’s important that you do your homework to find the right company for your specific needs.


Moving companies often offer different levels of service based on client needs. Do you want a company that will provide boxes, pack your items, load them into the truck and then unload them at your new place? Do you require special boxes, such as wardrobe boxes? Do you need the movers to take apart any large pieces of furniture for you, and then put them back together upon arrival?

Identify your needs before you hire anyone, as you might not need all the services available.

Where are you moving? Are you staying in the same city, going across the province, or going to another province entirely? Make sure the moving company will travel those distances before you hire.

Do you need to move overseas? Find out which moving companies ship overseas and what is included. Will there be someone on the other end to receive your items? Do you have to be there yourself? There’s lots to figure out before hiring a moving company.


When costing out the price of a moving company, you need to pay attention to what’s included for that price. Don’t go blindly with the cheapest price, as sometimes you truly get what you pay for. Instead, look for the best value for your dollars.

Save where you can. If you don’t need moving boxes and are happy to pack your own stuff, you can likely get a better price for movers just to load it on and off the truck.

Reviews and referrals

If the prices and services are indistinguishable to you, look at company reviews to help you make an informed decision. Check online reviews and ratings on the Better Business Bureau, Google, Facebook and other industry-specific sites.

If you know anyone who’s recently moved in your area, ask them what moving company they used and how satisfied they were with the level of service. You really have to do your homework if you want to get quality work for a good price. These are your possessions, and you want to work with movers you can trust to get them to your new apartment safely.

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