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Small Things You’ll Want for Your First Apartment

While most first-time renters know they have to get big furnishings, such as couches, beds, tables and dressers, it’s the little things that are often forgotten. Sometimes it’s the silliest gadget or tool that goes unnoticed until you realize you need it.

When you move into your first rental apartment in Canada, here are five small things you will want to pick up!

Can Opener

While there are plenty of useless kitchen tools and gadgets, a can opener is not one of them. Even if you don’t eat canned foods often, the few times that you do will be made difficult if you don’t have a can opener.

A can opener is a tool that every renter and homeowner should have in their kitchen. When you’re picking up spatulas, spoons, peelers and ladles, don’t forget the can opener!

woman opening a can of corn

Toilet Brush

When outfitting your bathroom with all the necessary items, such as hand soap, a garbage can, toothbrush holder and bath mat, don’t forget the toilet brush.

Keep that porcelain bowl gleaming with the proper cleaners and a handy brush!

Broom and/or Mop

In addition to the toilet brush, don’t forget to buy a broom and mop! Apartments often have parquet floors, with tile or vinyl in the kitchen and bathroom, so you’ll want to be able to control the dirt and dust.

A broom might seem obvious, but it’s often these types of things we overlook. Don’t forget the dust pan, as well.

Cleanup housework concept

Tea Towels and Dish Cloths

From washing and drying dishes to wiping up spills, tea towels and dish cloths are incredibly useful in the kitchen. What’s even better is they’re very affordable and often come in multi-packs.

They also double as decor, as they come in so many colours and patterns. You can choose some that match your personal style.

Multi-Tool or Screwdriver

While your building super or landlord is responsible for big repairs and maintenance checks, there will be some small jobs you can (and should) do yourself.

While you don’t necessarily need a whole tool box, you should get a screwdriver with changeable bits or some sort of multi-tool to handle small jobs. You should also have a small hammer for simple projects, such as hanging pictures on the wall. When you move in, you might have to build some furniture, and that doesn’t always come with a tool, so you’ll need your own.

Young working man

If you still haven’t found the right rental apartment, check out to find your first apartment! It can show you units in your price range right in your community. Once you’ve secured a place, start making your list of things you need before moving day!