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The Reality Of Affordable Housing In Canada

Affordable housing was a big topic during the recent Canadian federal election – something that is top of mind for many residents. During the campaign, each candidate and party put forth their own ideas and solutions.

Now that the election has concluded, Canadians will hopefully get to see exactly what these ideas and proposals will look like.

For those in the rental market, housing insecurity is a big issue. From “renovictions” to limited vacancies to high rents – the affordability issue isn’t plaguing homebuyers only. The cost of living continues to go up, as wages remain stagnant, making it harder for people to get by. Many Canadians are spending more than half their monthly wages on housing – a practice that is not sustainable.

Affordable Housing For Everyone

Election promises

The federal Liberal party pledged to build 100,000 affordable units over 10 years. The NDP, which holds the balance of power, put forth an even more ambitious plan of 500,000 units. Can these progressive parties work together in this minority government to come up with a compromise that will work?

Canadians will be paying attention to this issue.

The Conservative party, which lost the election but remains the official opposition, advocated for less taxation to help Canadians get ahead. They also hinted at loosening regulations to allow more building and increase the mortgage term to 30 years. While it’s unlikely that any of these promises will go through, the party can still challenge Liberal positions.

Canadian flag waving

What can residents do?

Talk to your elected MP about affordable housing, making it clear that it’s a priority. Municipalities also need to reach out to their provincial and federal partners for help on this issue, so that the burden does not fall on communities.

All is not lost, though; there are affordable housing options out there – you just have to know where to look.

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