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Tips for decorating your apartment for fall

Since we’re in the midst of the fall season, you are probably looking to transform your apartment from a breezy summer hangout to a cozy den. The truth is, with limited space and storage in a rental apartment, having different sets of decor for each season can be difficult. That said, there are some things you can add to give your place a bit of an autumn makeover.

Fall-scented candles

Before the holiday items take over, buy some fall-themed scented candles to fill your apartment with the aromas of pumpkin spice, sweet cranberry, crisp apple and earthy leaves. These scents can envelop you like a warm hug.

Light a candle, brew some tea or make a cup of hot apple cider, and curl up on the couch with a good book.

Faux fur throws

For the fall/winter seasons you can dress up your couch with some cozy accessories — such as a faux fur throw. Not only do these look high end, they are perfect for watching TV in the evenings or having a movie night. Just throw it on your lap and stay toasty warm.

A faux fur throw can also transform your place from an apartment to a cabin in the woods!

Wreath for the door

You don’t need to put a nail in the wall to hang a fall wreath on your apartment door. Get a wreath hanger that slides over the top of the door, and no damage done!

You can of course DIY a fall wreath for your door, but if you’re not that crafty, you can purchase some great ones from stores near you, such as Canadian Tire, Pier 1 and Home Sense.

Decorative gourd centrepiece

Another way to introduce some festive fall decor into your rental apartment is to make a centrepiece using gourds and small pumpkins. You can also use a fruit bowl and place gourds, squash and apples in it.

Check out stores such as Party City and Michael’s craft store for centrepieces and supplies to make your own!

If you’re renting a house, you can decorate your front porch with pumpkins and other seasonal decor items. If you rent in a high-rise with a balcony, you can put some stuff out there as well, but depending on where you are, people might not notice.

If you are looking for a new apartment to rent this fall, check out to find the right place before winter! Search for rentals in your area within your budget to cut down on time.