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Transform your Rental’s Bathroom into a Spa

If you love the idea of a luxurious bathroom makeover, but you can’t do your own because you live in a rental apartment  – don’t despair. There are still a lot of things you can add to your bathroom to transform it into a relaxing spa.

While your bathtub is there to stay, as is your vanity and sink, you can add some bathroom décor and items to improve the look and feel of this much-used room.

Soft, Fluffy Towels

If you invest in one thing for your bathroom, let it be towels. By having one set of quality towels, you’re telling yourself (and guests) that comfort matters. Thick, soft, fluffy towels just feel nice to use.

It might seem expensive – especially for a whole set – but towels are actual something worth spending money on, as they’re something you really do use often. Consider brands such as Glucksteinhome  or Hotel Collection, both available at Hudson’s Bay.

For an added bonus, get a matching bathrobe so you can lounge in comfort after your bath or shower.

Luxury Bath Products

If you want to pamper yourself like you’re at the spa, you need to buy some higher end bath and shower products. From body scrubs to lotions to masks and cleansers, choose luxury products with quality ingredients.

If you can’t afford to buy everything from spa-quality brands, pick one key product and splurge. It will feel good to treat yourself to something nice that you can use at home. Either shop for products at the spa, or visit stores such as Sephora, Kiehl’s or Saje for quality products with good ingredients.

Scented Candles and Diffusers

The spa experience is not complete without those fresh aromas. Choose a signature scent for your bathroom and fill the room with it. Lavender, citrus, fresh linen and rose water all give a spa-like vibe – but choose a scent that you enjoy. Do you want to feel calm and relaxed? Invigorated? A bit of both? Find the perfect scent profile to suit your needs.

You can incorporate the scent using candles, essential oils, diffusers and plug-ins. Scented bath products can do the trick as well, such as bath salts, bath bombs, soaps and oils.


Most spas are very minimalistic by design. White surfaces and walls, Scandinavian-style wood shelves with rolled towels and minimal décor will do the trick. Incorporate white and light coloured textiles and rugs in the room and hang simple artwork on the walls if there’s space.

Rental bathrooms tend to be small, so every item should be intentional. Clutter not only collects dust, but it can bring on feelings of anxiety – which doesn’t work if you’re trying to achieve a calm, spa-like atmosphere.

If you are looking for a new place to live, find apartments in your area using Some rentals have newly renovated bathrooms, so you’ll have a blank slate to create your personal spa!