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Affordable Security Options for Rental Apartments

When you rent an apartment rather than own your own home, there are limits to what you can do in terms of altering the place. Renters aren’t supposed to install things that need to be hardwired to the electrical system, so that means you cannot have a traditional security system. That said, there are still affordable ways you can secure your apartment without making permanent changes to the unit.

Safety is important, and your apartment is your home, so you deserve to feel comfortable there. Here are some things you can do in rental apartments to up security:

Buy a small safe

If you have irreplaceable valuables, such as jewellery, buy a small safe to keep them locked up. You can also keep important pieces of ID in it, such as your birth certificate, passport and social insurance card.

Put the safe in your bedroom closet or somewhere else that’s inconspicuous.

Small modern safe on shelf

Get smart light bulbs

If you’re out of town and you want it to look like someone is still home, get smart light bulbs that you can control remotely using your smartphone or tablet. This is good for an apartment or rental house. Turn on different lights in the evening to simulate typical human activity.

Lock patio doors

Always lock your patio doors when you’re not outside – especially if you live on the ground floor. If you want extra security while you’re out, wedge a piece of wood, such as a dowel, between the closed sliding door and the door frame so that it can’t be slid open from the outside, even if unlocked.

Home terrace with wooden floor and chair

Install a wireless security camera

While you might not be able to wire an alarm system in your rental apartment, you can use a wireless surveillance camera. Many of these double as baby monitor cameras and are pretty affordable. Like the light bulbs, they can be controlled/viewed remotely from a smart device.

Don’t leave it by the door

This is more of a tip rather than a product, but it’s a good idea to never leave anything valuable near the front door. This includes purses, laptop bags, car keys and wallets. Sometimes burglars go just as far as the front entryway and get everything they need. Put all that stuff in your bedroom or in a closet away from the door.

mobile phone and credit card

You can also look for an apartment for rent in a secure building. Many buildings have buzzer systems and lobby cameras to ensure only residents and invited guests can enter. Browse buildings in your preferred neighbourhood and reach out to some landlords to inquire about security. If you rent in a condo, there are often on-site security guards. Check out