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Young woman walking with Beagle dog
July 24th, 2019

Find a Pet-Friendly Apartment in Toronto

When it comes to rental apartments in Toronto, just because one allows pets doesn't mean it's suitable for pets. With housing

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Set chairs of vintage style in garden
July 22nd, 2019

From Shabby To Chic – Making Old Furniture New To You

When moving into your first rental apartment or rental house, you might end up with an eclectic mix of second-hand furniture

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Black and white bedroom with workspace
July 19th, 2019

Simple Decor For Bachelor Apartments

There’s really no other way to say it – bachelor apartments are small. This means that your place can start to look

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Guide dog helping blind man in the city
July 17th, 2019

What To Look For In An Accessible Rental Apartment

For people living with physical disabilities, searching for a safe and comfortable Read More

Home terrace with wooden floor and chair
July 16th, 2019

Affordable Security Options for Rental Apartments

When you rent an apartment rather than own your own home, there are limits to what you can do in terms of altering the

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July 9th, 2019

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

Once you move into your small apartment and start to unpack and set things up, make some smart choices about where and

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