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Creative storage solutions for 1-bedroom rentals

If you’re moving into a 1-bedroom rental apartment with enough stuff for two bedrooms or more, you might be in trouble! While decluttering is key, you will still live in chaos if you don’t organize and store your possessions better.

With the right approach, you can have your 1-bedroom apartment looking clean, neat and organized, even if you have a lot of stuff. Storage solutions can help you maximize your useable space, while still having everything you need at your fingertips.

Vertical space

In a small 1-bedroom apartment, square-footage is precious. Don’t take up any more space than you have to with stuff! Take advantage of your vertical wall space.

Put up shelves, hooks, pegs, baskets and more on the wall to get as much up off the floor as you can. If you have a bike, hang it on the wall. You can hang small shelving units on the wall that will hold a few books and knick-knacks. In the bathroom, DIY some storage baskets that you can hang on the wall to store small towels and other toiletries.

Put up coat hooks if you don’t have a big enough closet to hang outerwear, dog leashes, scarves, and hats.

Kitchenware tree hanging on wall

Multi-functional furnishings

Rather than having just a coffee table, have one with storage below. Instead of just having an ottoman to rest your feet on, have one with storage. Rather than just a side table, have one with drawers or storage in the base. There are so many styles to choose from! You could have a set of nesting tables that can be used when you have guests but put back together when it’s just you.

The possibilities are endless! Get creative with your storage furniture.

Under the bed

If all that’s under your bed currently is dust bunnies, it’s time to take advantage of that wasted space! You can buy specially made bins and baskets specifically for sliding under your bed. Store extra blankets, linens and pillows under there, or books, magazines or photo albums that can lay flat in the bin. You could also store stuff like gift wrap, tissue paper and bags.

Back of doors
From shoe racks to wire baskets to jewellery hangers – use the back of your door to get more stuff up off the floor. If you screw wire baskets to the back of a closet door, you can store spices and pantry items, extra toiletries, tools, cleaning supplies and more.

Various athletic shoes on pockets door

Just by implementing a few of these clever storage solutions, your cozy 1-bedroom will feel a little more spacious.

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