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Tips for taking transit

Many high-rise apartments are located in urban centers and downtown cores, meaning parking is a luxury not available to everyone. Even if you can get to a lot of places on foot, being able to get outside of your neighbourhood is important. Access to public transit is one of the many benefits of city living, but to optimize your experience, here are some tips for getting the most out of city transit as a renter on a budget.

Get the app

Most transit systems have a smartphone app you can download to help you plan your route and check the schedule. Some public transit systems offer users real-time information – such as how many minutes away your bus or train is.

There are also generic transit apps available that will help you navigate multiple systems. This is especially helpful if you need to transfer or travel between cities.

Bigger cities tend to have more frequent service — especially during peak hours. If you live in a small or mid-size city, getting around using transit can be trickier, as the modes of transportation are limited and the number of trips available vary depending on ridership. An app can help you navigate these systems to make sure they work for you.

Walk, ride, pedal

In some cases, a single bus, subway train or streetcar won’t be able to drop you off at your destination in one straight shot. While you can transfer and manoeuvre your way through (or out of) the city, it might be worth it to take a mixed approach. If you are able to, consider walking part of the way or riding a bike to the stop. Many municipal buses have bike racks on the front, and some trains and subways have bike-friendly cars so that you can take multiple modes of transportation to get where you need to go.

As urban growth continues, more and more young apartment renters are forgoing car ownership in favour of cycling and public transit.

Buy a pass

Many transit systems offer cheaper fares to those who have transit passes. Rather than paying full price in cash for each ride and relying on paper transfers, a pass or transit card can save you money and be way more convenient. Just show the card or tap it as you board.

Move towards transit

If access to transit is important to you, look for rental apartments near major transit stops and hubs. The closer you are to the source, the easier it will be to use. To look for an urban, transit-friendly apartment, check out You can search for places in your preferred neighbourhood to make getting around that much easier.