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5 Reasons To Rent An Apartment In Toronto

If the Toronto real estate market is unattainable to you, don’t worry. You can still live in the big city – you just have to rent instead of buy. There are a lot of reasons to rent an apartment in Toronto, as it’s an exciting city where all the action happens. And because it’s such a huge city, there are so many places to choose from!

5 reasons to rent an apartment in Toronto:

1. Close to work/jobs

There’s no denying it – Toronto is where many well-paying jobs are. Rather than living the commuter life from the suburbs, live where you work! When you live close to where you work, you can enjoy more of a work/life balance, as you won’t be wasting part of your day driving or sitting on a train or bus.

When looking for an apartment for rent in Toronto, you can search in the neighbourhoods near your job.

businessman with coffee and magazine going to work

2. Complete communities

Complete communities feature everything you need to live a full and healthy life nearby. These types of neighbourhoods should feature a mix of housing, commercial space, retail, green spaces and other helpful amenities. This concept is not unlike a village — where you have everything you need within walking distance.

It’s harder to find complete communities in the suburbs and rural areas — as things are much farther apart from each other. If you want to live, work and play in one area, Toronto has more options.

Look for rentals in a vibrant neighborhood that suits your lifestyle.

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3. Transit

One of the major benefits of big-city living is reliable transit. While no transit system is perfect, compared to smaller cities and suburbs the TTC is more than decent. With buses, subways, and streetcars, you can easily get away with not having a car in Toronto.

If you move into a complete community, you basically won’t need a car, because everything you need can be reached on foot, bicycle or public transit. You can also take taxis and use rideshare services to get around.

4. Arts, culture, entertainment, and sports

When it comes to world-class museums, concerts, performances and live professional sports, Toronto has it all. You don’t even have to attend the mainstream events, as you’ll realize once you move to Toronto that you can find cool and exciting things in unexpected places.

Don’t just enjoy these things on the weekends – have them available to you seven days a week!

5. Best of both worlds

Renting in Toronto means enjoying everything about urban living. We’ve covered a lot of that already: jobs, community, transit and entertainment. But what we haven’t covered yet is how close Toronto is to a lot of other cool things outside of the city. If you want to escape and enjoy nature, or see family in the suburbs, it’s all possible. GO Transit makes it easy for Toronto residents to leave the city when city life becomes too much. Head to Barrie to enjoy Lake Simcoe, parks and recreation. Go to Niagara Falls for wine tours, cycling, hiking and those famous falls.

You don’t even need to leave Toronto to enjoy nature. Head to Scarborough to Rouge National Urban Park – where you can immerse yourself in nature when you need a quiet reprieve from the hustle and bustle.

view from Niagara State Park on American Falls

When it comes to finding apartments in Canada, is the resource of choice for many! Find your perfect Toronto rental apartment in your ideal neighbourhood. Check out rent costs and available amenities and see images of the units. It’s user-friendly and features tons of listings.