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The value of using an agency to find a rental

Whether you have a busy work and/or home life, or you’re planning a move to another city or province, finding an appropriate rental apartment or house on your own can be a challenge. This is when enlisting the expertise of a third party can really come in handy.

Whether you approach a real estate agent who also handles rentals or an independent apartment rental agency is entirely up to you. The bottom line is, you need help and they can help you.

Viewing and vetting for you

It can be overwhelming to find a rental in your ideal neighbourhood. Price isn’t the only factor that needs to be considered; there’s also square footage, the number of bedrooms, on-site amenities and included utilities to consider. If you don’t have time to sort through listings, an agent will.

Agents can use your budget along with your list of wants and needs to find rentals for you. This is helpful because they can really narrow down the options.

Cross-country moves made easier

If you’re moving to another city or province, it might not be possible for you to do a proper, in-person walk-through. Having a third party on the ground searching for you can be incredibly valuable. They can be your eyes and your voice when you cannot be there in person.

Avoid the madness

Trying to find a rental in a major city like Toronto or Vancouver can be incredibly stressful. The supply and demand can make it a difficult process. Since Toronto’s housing market is so hot right now, many apartment dwellers are staying in the rental market for now. This means more people than ever are searching for places to rent.

Realtors know the process, which is why they’re an invaluable asset when trying to break into a much sought-after market. An agent can also deal with the landlord on your behalf, which can be a significant load off your plate.

Using a rental agent is a great way to find your dream apartment, but if you prefer to do some preliminary searching yourself, is a great place to start. Find your ideal rental, hassle-free!