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5 Storage Hacks for Small Apartments

If you’re looking at a 1-bedroom apartment or a small condo for rent in an urban area, chances are it is small. Big-city dollars don’t often buy you a lot of square footage, so you have to get creative when it comes to storage.

Once you move into your small apartment and start to unpack and set things up, make some smart choices about where and how items are displayed and stored.

5 storage hacks for small apartments:

1. Use clear bins

When it comes to closet organization, you don’t just want to shove everything in there like you’re playing a high-risk version of Tetris. Use clear bins to store seasonal clothing and shoes, so that everything can be neatly stacked and you can clearly see the contents of each bin. This will prevent you from having to play a guessing game when looking for items.
clear plastic storage container bins

2. Get a storage ottoman

A storage ottoman is a renter’s best friend! Not only do they look great, but they’re practical, too. Store remotes, extra pillows and blankets. You can get round ottomans or longer storage benches – they serve the same purpose, as both provide extra seating when you need it.

3. Hang stuff on the wall

From peg boards to hooks to floating shelves to bicycle racks, using your small apartment’s vertical space will clear floor space, allowing you to move freely throughout your place without clutter.

By getting as much as possible up off the floor, you are maximizing your use of space.

4. Furniture with drawers

Just as girls seem to love dresses with pockets, renters should love furniture with drawers! From beds to side tables to coffee tables – look for pieces with built-in drawers. Drawers will help you store items out of view, so that guests don’t see them. It’s a good way to keep essential things away so that they don’t clutter up your surfaces.

5. Carts on wheels

Lots of people are using bar carts on wheels to save space and make entertaining easy, but these carts can be used for a multitude of purposes! For instance, put all your cleaning supplies on it and wheel it into a closet. This way, all the stuff you need for cleaning is on the cart. Then, you just wheel it out when you need it. You can use them for craft supplies, kids’ books and toys, tools and more!

Search for 1 bedroom apartments for rent, or even condos for rent using If you’re searching for an apartment in Toronto, or any other big city, start planning your storage solutions so that you can make the most of your available space!