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How to Host a Party in a Small Apartment

If you love to entertain but live in a tiny rental, don’t despair! If you’re creative and considerate, you can host a party in a small apartment without crowding your place and annoying your neighbours.

Don’t let your limited space prevent you from rolling out the welcome mat for guests! While you probably can’t have a huge blowout, entertaining in an apartment is still very much possible.

Intimate gatherings > large parties

If you used to host big bangers when you had more space, you will probably have to let that part of your life stay in the past now that you’re living in a smaller place. This is okay! Instead of inviting everyone you know and their plus ones, limit your guest list to close friends and family.

In many ways, smaller, more intimate gatherings are better. As the host, you will have more opportunities to greet and interact with all your guests, which isn’t always possible at larger parties.

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Warn neighbours and be respectful

Unlike living in a single-family, detached house, rental apartments share walls and ceilings/floors with neighbours. Before your party or gathering, either knock on doors and let them know about the possibility of more noise than usual or write a friendly note and slip it under the doors. This way, any concerns can be worked out in advance and you can keep the peace.

That said, letting your neighbours know about the party doesn’t exonerate you completely. You should do your best to keep the music and/or television volume down later at night. Don’t have loud conversations on the balcony, and definitely do not play music on the balcony late at night. Most rental apartments don’t have air conditioning, meaning other residents likely sleep with their windows open in the summer. Be mindful that not everyone wants to be part of your party. If someone calls the police or bylaw enforcement, it will put a real damper on your night!

family couple inviting friend in the apartment

Consider an afternoon event

If you want to avoid conflicts with neighbours in your apartment building, consider an afternoon affair. Sure, it isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but it can be convenient. If it’s your birthday, have an afternoon party with hors d’oeuvres, sparkling wine, coffee and tea. Sure, it’s mellow, but it can be still be fun and you can clean up and relax in the evening once everyone’s gone!

Rearrange the furniture

When you’re expecting lots of guests in your small apartment, move unnecessary furnishings out of the way. Clear off tables and surfaces and put out coasters. Put away any breakables that you don’t want to get accidently knocked off a shelf or table. Get out extra folding chairs if you have them to spare – and you have the room to fit them.

If you’re looking for a smaller space, look for 1-bedroom apartments and bachelor apartments for rent in your preferred neighbourhood using You can browse listings and find your perfect place. Students can search student apartments near their campus, where parties are inevitable!