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5 Ways to Soundproof Your Rental Apartment

Living in a rental apartment often means having to put up with noise. Even if the noise isn’t excessive, it’s still noise and it can disturb you. While you cannot do anything in the way of permanent renovations in a rental apartment, you can soundproof your rental apartment using creative temporary methods.

Here are five soundproofing tips:

Area rugs galore

If you have hardwood or parquet flooring in your living space and bedrooms, you might be the one causing the noise. Footsteps – especially if you have the habit of wearing your shoes indoors – are amplified through hard flooring. Muffle those steps with some area rugs. Get a large one for the living room and one for each bedroom. You could also add one to your dining room area, if you have one.

leather sofa in the living room


Any large furnishings you place on a shared wall (the walls you share with your neighbours) will act as a sound barrier. It’s another solid layer the sound waves have to travel through. If you put storage units and bookcases along those walls, it will be quieter on both sides. The books you put on the shelf will only help it work better! You don’t have to spend a lot on bookshelves. Get some affordable Ikea shelving units, or get some secondhand. It will all help.

Get a white noise machine

If it’s hard to sleep at night with neighbours talking, playing music or moving furniture, or seemingly crashing things around their apartment, consider getting a white noise machine for your bedroom. White noise machines mask distracting noises with more uniform noise that doesn’t distract your brain. It allows you to ignore the noise and get some rest.

Many parents use them for babies’ rooms during nap time, but they work for adults, too.

White noise machine

Soundproofing blankets

People with hobbies such as DIY recording, video production, etc. have been using soundproofing blankets for years. These are essentially moving blankets that you hang on the wall to create a sound barrier.

If you think that’s too ugly, consider hanging a tapestry, quilt or wall hanging to achieve similar results.

Thick, full-length drapes

For windows and screen doors, reduce outside noise with full-length thick curtains. Hang them from the ceiling to the floor for maximum soundproofing. If you rent an apartment on a busy street, or you face another building with noisy tenants, the curtains can give you peace, quiet and privacy!

Girl opening curtains in a bedroom

If the noise is too much, consider finding a new apartment or condo for rent in a quieter area. Even if it’s a bit noisy for your liking, try the tips above to make apartment living better! Visit to find rental apartments near you.