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Tips for Living Alone in a Rental Apartment

According to Statistics Canada, single-person households are on the rise. This means many Canadians are living solo – many, we can assume, in rental apartments. The main challenge that comes with living alone is having a single income. Unlike couples or roommates, singles who live alone often rely on a single income to live.

Whether it’s by choice or circumstance, singles have more to consider when renting. Yes, living alone has many benefits, but with that comes a lot of responsibility.

How can you enjoy the sweet solo life without fretting over every rent payment? Check out these tips for living alone in a rental apartment.

Get cheaper internet and cut the cable

When you don’t have a partner, roommates or kids using up all the bandwidth, you don’t necessarily need the fastest, unlimited internet package. Think about your usage patterns and get a package that works well for that.
Also, think about not getting a TV service (cable or satellite). If you stream most of your shows and movies, then you don’t really need it, anyway. You might need a bit more internet, but don’t let anyone talk you into a really pricey package.

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Shop the sales

When grocery shopping, look at the flyers and use coupons for extra savings. Yes, you’ll need less food when just feeding one person, but you’ll also be paying other bills on top of that, so you’ll need to find savings where you can. When expensive items go on sale, stock up and freeze if you have the space.

Cook at home

When you live alone, it can be easy to take the lazy route and order takeout – especially now, with so many food delivery apps available. Resist the urge to order in and get cooking! If you work a full-time day job and find it hard to cook on weeknight evenings, that’s okay. Use your weekends to make big meals, and then enjoy the leftovers during the week. Soups, stews, noodles, chili and lasagna are easy to reheat. You can always put together a fresh salad to eat with your meal.

Takeout should be a treat, not a way of life. It ends up costing you way too much for less nutritious meals.

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Take public transit

If you’re struggling as a single person living alone, you might have to give up your car. Whether you give it up altogether or just drive less often is up to you. Rental apartments often charge a fee for a parking space, which can be pricey depending on where you live. Find an apartment near public transit and try commuting.

Rent a bachelor apartment

Since you’re just one person, you could get away with renting a bachelor apartment. If you live a minimalist lifestyle and get creative with furniture placement, you can totally make it work.

If a bachelor is too small for your needs, there are plenty of affordable 1-bedroom apartments for rent. In the end, you have to determine what you can afford on your own and what sacrifices you’re going to make to ensure you can live comfortably alone.

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