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6 Things to Do Once You’ve Found a Suitable Rental Apartment

So, you did it! You finally found the perfect rental apartment in your neighbourhood. Finding the right student apartment for rent – one that’s within your budget, has enough space and has all the amenities you require and more – is a huge accomplishment. You’ve been accepted and paid your deposit, so what do you do between now and moving day?

Here are six things to do once you’ve found your perfect apartment:


Before you move into an apartment, you should do a walk-through with a measuring tape. This will be useful when you buy new furnishings, accessories and decor. Measure window heights for curtains, and floor space for furniture.

Redecorating her house

Rent a moving van

Unless you have a lot of friends with trucks, you are going to need a moving van. Secure your van rental as soon as possible, because you don’t want to have to scramble to find one on the days leading up to moving day.

Get renter’s insurance

While the landlord has insurance to cover the structure, that insurance does not cover any damage or theft of your personal possessions. Content insurance insures your personal property inside your apartment unit. If a flood or fire happens in the building – even if it’s not your fault – you will want content insurance in case your items are damaged or destroyed.

Start packing

Start packing! Even if you don’t move for a few months, stop putting it off. Start by packing your off-season clothes and items you don’t need. As you pack, get rid of stuff in order to declutter, because it’s nice to move into an apartment with a clean slate. You don’t want to leave packing to the last minute, as then it will be chaotic. You can be more organized when you start in advance.

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Go shopping

If you’re moving into your first rental apartment, you probably need to buy some things. While many people get hand-me-down furniture from loved ones, there will still be items you need to purchase. Have fun with it! When it’s your apartment, you get to decide what decor style you want to go for!

Change your address

Closer to moving day, change your address on your government-issued ID, bills and subscriptions. Go to the post office to arrange for mail forwarding for a month or two – especially if you’re moving to a different city.

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If you haven’t found the right rental yet, check out to look for apartments for rent in your community!