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Bringing the Outside in with Houseplants

If you’re a renter with a green thumb but you lack a yard or outdoor space to show off your skills, don’t worry. You can decorate using houseplants instead. The outdoor gardening season is winding down as it is, but with indoor plants you can enjoy greenery all year round.

Caring for houseplants is not only a healthy hobby to have, but also a great home decorating strategy. Nothing completes an apartment quite like a potted plant. It’s a nice way to tie nature into the space while complementing your personal style.


While many people associate minimalistic design with white and clean lines, pops of colour are not only allowed but also encouraged. Houseplants in simple pots look great on shelves, desks and tables. Small plants, such as succulents or air plants, make great decor, while adding a fresh pop of green to the space.

Houseplants are an easy way to decorate an apartment without having to paint or put holes in the wall. There are so many styles of planters, both big and small, that work well with a minimalist style.

TV cabinet and display


If you’re into the bohemian home decor style, houseplants can really add to the chilled-out vibe. Big floor pots with leafy palms or snake plants look great surrounded by ornate rugs and floor poufs.

Hanging plants that cascade out of the pots also match that boho style. Macramé plant hangers that harken back to the 1970s style are back – especially when hung in a cluster at various heights.

The plants add to the naturalistic, cozy feel of the apartment.

Multifunctional loft apartment

Kitchen herbs

Plants can be more practical than decorative. If your luxury student rental apartment has a well-lit kitchen with natural light, consider having an indoor herb garden. Add some potted herbs such as basil, oregano, mint, thyme, sage and parsley that can be used when cooking.

And just because herbs are practical doesn’t mean they can’t also be decorative. You can arrange them in attractive pots or wall-hanging planters to incorporate them into your apartment’s decor.

woman gardening fresh herbs

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