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Affordable Renting Tips for College Students

Post-secondary education is expensive. Tuition costs are rising, plus books and other materials have to be factored in as well. If you’re going to a college or university away from home, you’ll have to also consider the cost of housing.
If you’re looking at off-campus housing, there are some ways to make renting more affordable. Student rentals come in all shapes and forms, so you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal for your money. Looking for the cheapest student apartment isn’t always the best strategy, as you also need to consider the value you’re getting out of it. If it’s rundown and in a bad neighbourhood, it’s probably not worth the stress.

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Here are some tips for finding affordable student housing off-campus in time for the fall semester:

1. Consider a bachelor pad

If you want to live alone (or share with your significant other), a bachelor apartment is an affordable student rental. Bachelor apartments tend to feature an open concept living space with a private bathroom. Your kitchen will be small, and will open into the living/sleeping space. Students who live in traditional dorms get way less than this, so it’s a step up. You can get creative with furniture placement, fitting in a desk/workspace for studying, plus a bed and storage.

2. Get some roomies

If you’re looking at student houses for rent, you probably already have some potential roommates on board. If you’re looking at student apartments, consider a 2-bedroom unit so that you can share the costs with a roommate to save some dough.

Roommates can be part of the college experience. You could end up being lifelong friends!

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3. Be a basement dweller

Quite often people who own properties near colleges and universities earn a supplementary income by renting out their basements to students. Look for some basement apartments near campus, as they tend to be more affordable than units in traditional high-rise buildings. Just make sure they are legal rentals, as you don’t want to get involved in an under-the-table scheme.

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4. Rent a room

Another type of off-campus student rental is a rooming-house-style dwelling. This is almost like living in a dorm, only it’s a private house. You will rent a room, and with that you’ll have access to a common bathroom and living space. These are popular with international students who don’t have a lot of possessions, but can be affordable for domestic students, as well.

If you’re looking for affordable student accommodations, start your search using It’s a great tool to find legitimate student apartments and houses near your school.