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Find an affordable apartment with an agency

If you’re looking for an affordable apartment for rent, and you’re not sure where to begin your search, look to a rental agency for guidance. You might think you’ve found a good deal on a place, only to discover the hidden costs. A rental agent can help you find an all-inclusive rental apartment to simplify your search.

Weed out not-so-affordable apartments with professional help and guidance!


Affordability doesn’t just come from seemingly cheap rent. You have to dive deeper to learn what the true costs will be. Is heat and water included in your rent? What about electricity? How much are the laundry services, and does the building even have a laundry room? How far away is the place from work, school or daycare? All of these things will contribute to your overall cost of living.

Happy couple calculating bills

A rental agent can crunch those numbers and figure out which rental apartment offers the best value for your money. In the end, that is what truly makes a place affordable. No surprises – just a place you can comfortably call home.

Time crunch

If you need to find an affordable apartment for rent fast and you don’t have a lot of free time to look? This is another reason to hire a rental agent. They can be your eyes and ears – finding and viewing apartments in your price range on your behalf.

Just because you need to find a place in a short time span doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice affordability and comfort. Find your right fit with some help.


Agency alternative

If you’re not sure you want to work with a rental agency, but still have little time to view places, take your search to the web! is basically a virtual rental agent. Search properties in your preferred area, set your budget and read the details and view photos of each place. Connect with the landlord and/or property manager to arrange a viewing or to get more details. You can do all of this from your computer, smartphone or tablet – it’s so easy! Even if you do wish to work with a rental agent, Gottarent is a great resource to use to find the types of places you would like to live in.