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Find your ideal rental house with an agent

If an apartment or condo unit won’t suit your housing needs, find the perfect rental house with the help of a rental agent.

Finding a house for rent can be a bit more challenging than the traditional apartment in a high-rise building. While there are townhouse complexes with rentals, many rental houses are in traditional residential neighbourhoods and are rented out by the property owner rather than a property management group.

Consult with a Realtor who also handles rentals or a rental agent to find the right rental house for your needs. Do you need an entire house, or would a basement or upstairs apartment suffice? An agent can help narrow down your search and find properties you might not have found on your own!

Your housing needs and wants

Many families in the rental market would prefer a single-family home or townhouse to a unit in a high-rise due to the extra interior space and the possibility of having a yard. This makes raising children and pets much easier. While it’s not impossible to find, three-bedrooms are not as common in apartment buildings. It’s easier to find a three-bedroom house for rent by owner, and the added bonus of a backyard often seals the deal.

Talk to an agent about your housing wants and needs and they can match you up with a rental property within your budget, if possible. Again, a rental agent or Realtor might have insider knowledge of available rental houses that you might not have found on your own.

Moving out of town?

If you’re moving to a new city or province, you probably won’t be able to look at rental houses yourself – and if you do, you’ll have limited time to do so. This is one scenario where using a rental agency is invaluable.

Husband and wife and their son

If you don’t know anyone in the city you’re moving to, use an agent who can look at rental houses on your behalf and act as your eyes and ears. Even if you are eventually able to visit to look at houses yourself, the agent can narrow down the search for you to save time and make the process easier.

Start your search online

Did you know you can search for rental houses on Narrow down your search by selecting “houses/townhouses” using the handy drop-down menu. Let Gottarent be your virtual rental agent and connect you with landlords and property managers with just a few clicks.