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Live the luxe life in your rental apartment

Just because you live in a rental apartment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy having nice things. While renting has its limitations in terms of the number of upgrades you can make (and what’s worth spending money on), you can enjoy some luxuries to make your place feel more like your home.

Create a luxury apartment using these simple home decor tips:

Removable wallpaper and flooring

Upgrade your walls and floors using temporary solutions. Purchase sheets of removable vinyl wallpaper in contemporary designs to cover those greige walls. This is perfect for an accent wall to give your place a more finished look.

Just like the wallpaper, you can buy removable vinyl floor decals that mimic luxe finishes without the permanence. You can even buy faux-wood flooring that clicks together and looks like the real thing. It can be installed on top of the existing flooring without an adhesive.

Upgrade your light fixtures

If you have the storage, take down all the generic light fixtures that came with your rental unit and store them. Install your own overhead lights that match your unique taste. Just be wary of installing anything too heavy, as you want to be sure it’s anchored and won’t fall.

Only replace light fixtures where there already was one. You should not rewire your rental apartment just so that you can install an overhead light somewhere that didn’t have one.

In rooms that need more or better lighting, add table and floor lamps to brighten up the room.

Window coverings

If you want to give any room a rich, luxurious look, invest in some quality drapes. Install grand floor-to-ceiling drapes with layers of fabric, using a combination of sheer and opaque fabrics to give you privacy while still letting natural light in. You can buy ready-made window coverings, order custom drapes, or sew some yourself if you have the talent.

Wall art and decor

Another way you can get the luxury apartment you want is to decorate using a cohesive style. Read home decor blogs and magazines and search the internet for inspiration. While anyone can hang pictures and add throw pillows, this alone won’t get you that luxury style you’re after. Choose a distinct style and stick with it. This includes the colour palette, the finishes and the artistic style.

You can also paint your walls (as long as you have permission from the property manager) to suit your chosen style.

Declutter, tidy and clean

Luxury spaces tend to be minimalist, in that the decor is purposely placed and matches. Having a cluttered apartment is the antithesis of luxury. If you want that luxe life, organize the items you have, purge what you don’t need, and try not to accumulate more junk. Let everything you own be either useful or beautiful.

It’s also important to keep your apartment neat and tidy, and clean regularly to keep it looking chic.

If you’re looking for a luxury apartment rental, or a place you can make your own, check out for listings in your preferred neighbourhood.