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Maximizing Your Use of Space in a Rental Apartment

When it comes to rental apartments, tenants don’t really have much say in the size and layout of the space – it basically is what it is. If you’re on a tight budget as it is, you’re likely in a small apartment, which means you don’t have much money to spend on pricey storage solutions.

Luckily, there are ways to maximize your use of space without spending a lot of money.

Boxes, bins, baskets and trays

When you live in a small 1-bedroom or bachelor apartment, it doesn’t take much for the space to feel cluttered. Clear off surfaces and stuff stacked up on the floor by using decorative storage boxes (you can get some at the dollar store), bins, wicker baskets and organizing trays. These items can go on shelves or inside drawers to make it easier to find things while keeping everything neat and put away.

Interior with dining table

Wall-mount the TV

Compared to the price of a TV stand, wall-mounting brackets are pretty affordable. A wall-mounting kit will cost you no more than $40, which is a small price to pay for saving space! Some wall mounts allow you to swivel the TV, so that you can watch it from different angles.

You can then use a smaller, more compact sideboard or table to put the cable box or the DVD player on.

Basically, wall-mounting anything will save you space in a small apartment. Bicycles can also be wall-mounted to get them up and off the floor.

Study room interior

Hidden storage

When it comes to creating storage in a small rental apartment, you need to get creative. Use bins with lids that can slide under your bed to store extra bed linens or keepsakes. You can also hide things in plain sight by using storage ottomans.

A storage ottoman works as an extra seat or table in your living space, but pop the lid off, and it’s a place to store extra blankets and pillows. You can also hide stuff behind doors by hanging a plastic shoe rack. Place items in the pockets so that you can see everything clearly without taking up a lot of space.

Modern living room interior with furniture

If your apartment is too small, you could always look for a larger rental. You can find rental apartments of all shapes, sizes and prices using apartment rental agencies like!