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Respecting Tenants’ Rights During Viewings

Whether you’ve given your landlord notice or they are selling the property, it’s likely that potential renters or buyers will want to view your unit or house.

Apartment viewings are necessary, as people don’t want to rent sight unseen, but it’s still important that your rights and privacy are respected.

Here’s what you need to know as a tenant whose house apartment is for rent /sale:

You cannot say no

While having people walk through your apartment does feel like an invasion, the landlord reserves the right to show potential tenants the unit in order to secure a new renter when you move out. That said, it’s not a free-for-all.

In most cases, the landlord or building manager will inform you ahead of time that people are coming for a viewing. These tend to be scheduled during daytime hours or into the evening, so either you will be at work or you can plan to be absent during this time.

It’s also nice to receive warnings so that you have time to tidy up and put away valuable items.

Never alone

If you’re concerned that people might be walking through your rental home unaccompanied, you don’t need to worry. The landlord must be with prospective renters during the viewing.

However, when it comes to selling, a landlord can provide written permission to real estate professionals to enter the unit on their behalf. Again, in these cases, you will be given warning before they enter.

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Excessive showings

Unfortunately, a landlord can schedule as many apartment showings as they want as long as they’re complying with the written notice and are within the proper time frame. That said, most landlords are respectful of their tenants’ needs and wants and will try not to be too disruptive.

If you do feel like the viewings are excessive and it’s affecting your quality of life and your reasonable enjoyment of the unit, you might have a case for the Landlord and Tenant Board. It’s important to document these disruptions so that you can state your case.

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Can you stay home during a showing?

Your landlord cannot force you to leave your rental home or unit during a viewing. However, if you choose to stay you cannot involve yourself in the showing.

Basically, both the landlord and the tenant must be respectful of the other during viewings.

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